Forth Yeer Freshman rally the troops to become Almost Famous

All right, I've made no secret over the years of my loathing of battle-of-the-bands types of events. I'm just not a fan. At the risk of sounding all sanctimonious, I've always felt like these things cheapen the music, in essence reducing any semblance of art to a battle of the fans. Nonetheless, Alice 105.9's Almost Famous contest struck me as the least gratuitous, opportunistic and offensive of the bunch, at least in recent memory -- not to mention that the contest managed to attract good bands that have actual followings, bands like Forth Yeer Freshman.

In a savvy move that belies the seeming aloofness of their moniker, the men of Forth Yeer are leaving nothing to chance. In their quest to grasp the brass ring, the hard-rock hooligans are evidently buying a keg at 3 Kings Tavern tomorrow night from 5 to 7 p.m. in an effort to get their peeps lubed up prior to making the trek to Herman's.

"So for one reason or another, we are being put on stage 1st at 8PM at this Friday's Almost Famous Semi-finals. We want to show Herman's and the other bands that this ain't no thing to us," the Freshman noted to fans earlier this week. Oh and just in case you're thinking of pulling a fast one -- you know, drinking the suds without supporting your buds -- good luck! "FYI, we're checking tickets," they caution, "so don't try pullin a fast one."

In related Forth Yeer news, the act is holding a listening party for its new album, Regulators, on Tuesday, April 14, followed by a CD-release show on Saturday, April 18, at the Bluebird Theater, with Get 3 Coffins Ready, the Outta Controllers and Sin Vida.

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