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Frank Ocean tells Chipotle to "Fuck Off" on a check he hasn't actually delivered [Update]

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Maybe you remember the "The Scarecrow," Chipotle's commercial for a video game that is itself a commercial for the Colorado-based burrito company. Fiona Apple sings a cover of "Pure Imagination," which serves as the clip's soundtrack. Originally, Frank Ocean agreed to provide a rendition of the song.

The whole thing is, like the "Back to the Start" clip featuring Willie Nelson singing "The Scientist," a comparatively artful approach to fast casual branding. But it is a branding effort. Chipotle's logo appears as a bumper at the end of the clip, and according to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles last Friday, that logo sparked the breakdown of the relationship between Chipotle and Frank Ocean.

As first noted by The Hollywood Reporter and widely disseminated after that, Chipotle signed Ocean to a $425,000 contract last June for the "Pure Imagination" cover. They agreed to pay half of it up front and the other half when they got the recording. But on the day they were supposed to have it, Ocean's management contacted Chipotle to tell them he had refused to sing because the brand's logo appeared at the end of the clip. Ocean says that contradicted earlier conversations he'd had with Chipotle; Chipotle says they made him no such promises.

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