Fray slated to sit in with Timbaland at the Gothic

No doubt capitalizing on Joe King's recent collaboration on "Undertow," from Shock Value II, his latest effort, and the fact that the band happens to be in town that day, Timbaland has evidently invited the Fray to make a cameo at his show at the Gothic on Tuesday, January 26. We have no indication that Esthero will also be making a guest appearance, so we can only assume Isaac Slade will take over vocal duties on the second verse? Dude does a semi-passable-if-you're-drunk, karaoke worthy Beyonce, so who knows (and yes, Scener, we know, who cares?!).

UPDATE: Just noticed this tweet from Fray guitarist Dave Welsh: "To set the record straight: we aren't playing the Gothic tomorrow with Timbaland, though we wish him the best. But go if you live here."
Odd ... perhaps we misread the press release?

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