Freaky Friday: "Amazing Horse" double feature

Do you like horses? Sure, we all do. One might even go so far as to say horses are amazing. That's what this song claims. And in making that claim, it generates so much awesome we had to offer you not one, but two versions of it -- at no extra cost, we might add. The original song is from Weebl's Stuff and if, like us, you spend far, far too much time online, you probably recognize the name as the perpetrator of ridiculous songs and flash videos about badgers, narwhals and other things.

This song might be their best ever. It's catchy, dirty and you learn a little bit about astrophysics -- that's a win in our book. The cover version is a slightly more rockified (the original is kind of dance pop) take on the tune by the Italian band Nerd Follia with a live action video. And fair warning, the original version is NSFW, for reasons of cartoon wang. The cover is probably safe, unless you work in the Focus on the Family offices or something. And to reiterate, they are both hilarious and so wrong they are right. One last warning: unless your work is tolerant of cartoon penis do NOT go past the first video to page 2.

Nerd Follia cover

Original (NSFW)

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