Freaky Friday: Lolita seduces the Cylons

Remember the '80s, when it was totally acceptable to direct your amorous intentions toward homicidal robots, as long as you were an eight-year-old girl? Neither do we! Yet that's what today's video seems to document.

More to the disturbingly creepy point, it argues that an eight-year-old girl dancing and singing about her need for robot love was deemed a suitable source of entertainment, presumably for humans, since we really don't remember sentient robots being in charge of TV programming in the '80s. Could be our memory is faulty, though -- it would totally explain Cop Rock.

Why does this little girl seek out this cold, robot love? Reasons given include their supposed fidelity and reliability (she can count on him "every single night" she claims -- just need to make sure the hydraulic fluid is topped off. Cheaper than Viagra, anyway). Uncomfortable yet? Seriously, is there anything more subtly disturbing than a little girl singing about needing some robot love? And if there is, and you know of a song/video about it, can you send it to us right away? We're always looking for new Freaky Friday material.

[Via Topless Robot]

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