Freaky Friday - "Performance" - MC SpandX

Sometimes, I have to search far and wide to bring you something special from the land of ridiculous. Other times, they just fall into my lap. Like today, when this gem appeared in my inbox as if by magic, delaying the still-awesome video I was going to offer up today. This was just too good not to share. It's an unbelievably geeky rap about high-performance bikes made with tongue firmly in cheek. Now, until a year or so ago, when someone close to me was sucked in to this strange cult of "bike people" I didn't even know such things existed outside of the 1979 cycling film Breaking Away. Now I am all too aware of the allure that carbon frames and high-end brakes can have on certain, susceptible types, so this hit the funny spot for me. Also, this video makes fun of hipsters something fierce, which I am always down with. See it for yourself after the jump, and special thanks to Brandon Prott for tweeting the link, leading directly to me seeing it. Nice one, Brandon.

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