Freaky Friday: Scary-ass babies from Evian

For this week's Freaky Friday entry, we go a touch more mainstream than usual. You may have already seen this a few hundred times, and if so I apologize, but there are folks, like me, out there that live in a self-imposed mass media exile. I don't watch television (not until football season, anyway) so I don't see commercials. So when someone sends me something like this, which someone did yesterday, I find myself confounded by the fact that something so fucking weird could be a mainstream, mass-market commercial. I mean sure, babies are cute, but these babies ... they're creepy. Scary, inhuman evil babies. Dancing to "Rapper's Delight." On rollerskates. That is the very essence of freaky, and I am not going to let its mainstream ubiquity remove it from contention. So for those of you that haven't seen it, and for those that just want to watch it again, the video is after the jump. (Warning: Combining with strong hallucinogens is NOT recommended).

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