Freaky Friday: "Treat Your Mother Right"

Part life lesson, part novelty rap and all awesome, this entry into the canon of freak comes from '80s icon Mr. T. It's hard to believe now, in the cold hard light of not-the-'80s, but for whatever reason Mr. T was quite the phenomenon back in the day. He was the breakout star of the


, easily one of the most ridiculous shows ever put on the air. That resulted in the man getting a cartoon show, a breakfast cereal and the odd little nugget of insanity like this clip. While you're watching it, you may find cause to ask yourself, "How did this ever come to be? What the fuck was wrong with the '80s? And where can I get a pair of short-shorts like that?" I can't answer these questions -- no one can -- but luckily, I don't have to: the video speaks for itself.

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