Freaky Friday: "Washington" - Cox + Combes

Another Friday, another shot of fucking weird. This one is an old favorite of mine that I stumbled upon while working in the YouTube mines. It's a surreal, absurd look at our nation's greatest founder, George Washington. And while it omits some of the tried and true myths about him -- no cherry-tree chopping here -- it does add a whole slew of new ones, like the little known tidbit that he had four testicles. It's probably not safe for work, depending on how your work feels about rapping about Washington's dick, his hatred of British children and the cartoon depiction of bestial sex, random violence and gratuitous drug use. Supposing that's all okay (it is at the Westword offices), go nuts -- otherwise, you should probably at least put on some headphones. And if you have time, check out some of the creator's other videos. There are some other gems mixed in there as well.

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