Freeloader: A lost track from teamAWESOME!

Chuck Potashner will always be awesome to us, even if he now calls San Diego his home. As you probably know, this past February, the mastermind behind teamAWESOME! picked up stakes and moved back to his native San Diego. Although he's been gone almost a year now, we miss Chuck, and he misses us, particularly since he hasn't been able to find many likeminded musicians to play with on the West Coast. "It's hard to find musicians in San Diego that want to play anything besides '80s throwback punk and Nirvana-esque reverb tunes," he reports. "Nothing against Nirvana... but it had it's time and place." Fortunately, he still has a stockpile of music recorded from his time in Denver, the one he's blessed us with called "The Point!" and three others that have yet to be released. A classic teamAWESOME! tune, dependably poppy and quirky in all the right places, "The Point!" was recorded by Mike Yach at a studio in Boulder and features an veritable all-star Denver lineup: Logan Corcoran (Bad Weather California) on drums, Anthea Osguthorpe (antz) on trumpet, Val (Night Of Joy) on bass, Cole Rudy (Wetlands) on guitar and Rachel Leber on vocals. Oh, Chuck, how we miss thee.

MP3: "The Point!" teamAWESOME!

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