Freeloader: Download "Lady Luck," a brand new track from the Rouge

Just in time for its show at the hi-dive next week, the Rouge has posted a brand new track on its MySpace page for free download. The tune, "Lady Luck," is a bit of a slow burn at first. Opening with an understated verse, the song builds gradually to larger, more expansive chorus that absolutely soars.

As with most other Rouge songs, "Lady Luck" is built upon Josh Vaught's expressive vocals, which consistently elevate the act's signature pop rock. As he wonders rhetorically, "Oh my God/What have I done?" and then proclaims himself a "Fallin' angel/I'm Lucifer's son" the pathos he infuses the song with is palpable. And he's just as believable as the tune resolves itself with his cracked voice pleading to know what he's done.

A promising cut, "Lady Luck," suggests that the follow-up Heat & Light, the act's latest effort, will be equally as compelling as its predecessor. We're certainly looking forward to it, anyway.

MP3: "Lady Luck" by the Rouge

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