Freeloader: Win a pair of tickets to see Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions at the Bluebird

Update: Congrats to Laura McGaughey! She and a guest will be our guest at tonight's show.

Tonight at the Bluebird, Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions are headlining what should be an absolutely dreamy bill featuring Dirt Blue Gene and Brightblack Morning Light. Key words in that sentence: should be. There's been some chatter recently about Sandoval's proclivity for being a temperamental performer.

Almost immediately after posting word of this show last month, several fans chimed in issuing fair warning about her noted history of abrubtly walking off stage midset, without provaction, sans explaination and without ever returning. One fan recalled a past appearance by Mazzy Star at the Bluebird, while another testified to experiencing the same thing in Vancouver this past month and even cited a review on Sandoval's own site recounting a gig in Philly in 2002 that was reportely undermined by her diva like behavior. Similar comments have appeared on other blogs.

From the sounds of it, though, Sandoval is no diva. Rather a painfully shy performer whose nerves get rattled by being in the spotlight, a songstress who's "notoriously terrified about performing in public." Whatever happens tonight, you can bet that we'll be there. With bells on. We've loved Sandoval ever since we first heard her sensuous pipes on "Fade Into You." She has the kind of voice that stops traffic and makes you fall hopelessly in love with inanimate objects. Wanna join us? We've got an extra pair of tickets with your name on them. Hit us up, and we'll pick a winner later this afternoon.

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