Fresh Colorado EDM from Chrome Drones, Bass Physics, PowTron and Lone Dancer

Back with another edition of In the Mix, where we spotlight new dance tracks and mixes from local producers and DJs. We've got some acid, some live disco-house, some melodic soultron and deep house. There's one frequent flyer this week, and that's PowTron, who drops some music we can only assume is straight out of the Mariana Trench -- it's that deep. The live disco-house comes from a newly formed supergroup from some of Colorado's leading livetronica acts, and then something a little different gets thrown in from Lone Dancer. Continue on to get the drop.

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Chrome Drones - "In The Sky" Chrome Drones is an outfit featuring members from Signal Path, Tiger Party and Particle. The live-disco/house band is soulful with a sexy ass saxophone gracing the cut, while the drums stay on point throughout. Fingers crossed that we'll see more releases from this supergroup.

Bass Physics - "Legends Never Die" Bass Physics, the duo of Luke Sims and A.P. Adair, bring a soulful undertone to what would already be a melodic dance track on "Legends Never Die." Once the machine-gun high-hat comes in, it's all groove. Catch Bass Physics at the upcoming Snowdown event at the Fillmore on Thursday, January 30, with Juicy J, RL Grime, and Salva, and maybe you'll be able to catch this one live.

PowTron - "Techtonics 017" Deep tech house soothes even the savage beast, and if PowTron was fighting that beast, let's just say he'd probably have it making him tea and crumpets before the end of the mix. PowTron draws from the undergroud, so you know each mix is going to be unique in sound and feature music you aren't hearing in any of the big sets. This is what makes a great set, too, because there isn't the inevitable chart topper to climax the mix, but instead you get a fluid stream of dope deep house.

Lone Dancer - "Raw Jamz 3" Who said acid is dead? Certainly not Lone Dance (aka Miles), who dropped this laser-infused acid track on us this week. If music imitates life, then we are guessing that Lone Dancer is a big fan of snowballs, because once this track gets rolling, it only picks up momentum until the whole thing comes to a slow closing... like if you rolled that snowball into a jacuzzi and it melted.

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