Fresh Colorado hip-hop from DJ Cavem, H*Wood, Black P and A Tribe Called Mex

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DJ Cavem - "Hybrid Lex (I Can't Breathe the Air)" DJ Cavem always manages to inject progressive social commentary into his subject matter while delivering a relevant sound. On this song, he takes a stance on pollution that's funky enough to joyride in your whip while your friends nod to the slapping beat. The wordplay of Cavem here is particularly clever, with references to hybrid whips, bikes and chem-trails all riding over G-funk-style production.

H*Wood - "Cruise" H*Wood consistently raps over electronic-influenced, atypical production, and here he delivers another great genre-blending song. As the beat for "Cruise" builds into a trance-esque plateau, H*Wood delivers a contagious chorus about his pursuit of the dough.

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Antonio Valenzuela