Fresh local hip-hop: A Broncos anthem, plus new cuts from Billy Lipz, Young Doe and more

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"Bronco Anthem" - Innerstate Ike, Esi Juey, Nyke Nitti This being Broncos country, the fans in Denver are hyped up about this season -- and so are the rappers. Check "Bronco Anthem," the new Simes Carter-produced track featuring Innerstate Ike, Esi Juey, Nyke Nitti with P.A.C., JKee and Kreepa. The song has a fun, energetic feel to it, and the beat is radio-friendly all day long -- which is why KS-107.5 has been given the cut love since it debuted last Friday afternoon. Here's hoping the words of the song -- which name-checks Barrell Man, a batch of classic Broncos players and Chubby's -- rings true: "See you in the Super Bowl, baby."

"Love You Tomorrow" - Billy Lipz This song is catchy and well composed, but the constant AutoTune is overkill for an avid hip-hop listener. Even so, the song seems to be aimed at the R&B, fun-loving listener, and in that lane, it works. Billy Lipz is an interesting and almost comical character who makes you want to pay attention. The song and video recalls T-Pain's track "I'm Sprung", energy-wise, and the video definitely has a similar vibe to it, which could be a good thing for Billy Lipz, considering that the mainstream AutoTune maestro has sold millions of records.

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Antonio Valenzuela