Fresh local hip-hop from Young Doe, DC Smiles, Foo Man and Lkeys

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Young Doe - "Muthaf*@kn Right" The song starts, and ends, with a phone call from Young Doe's mother in which she reminisces over his childhood and the all the trouble he would get in. The beat plays off an interesting medley of choppy piano chords, abstract keys and live sounding drums, which goes well with the Biggie sampled hook. Doe's rhymes consist of insightful observations about the prison system, as well as revelations about his personal financial struggles. His voice always has a relaxing twang to it, making it hard to anticipate what he is going to rhyme with, and this is a rare quality. The song manages to be inspiring and street at the same time.

DC Smiles - "To The Top" The newest member of Cash Addicts, DC Smiles, is reaching for top here. The beat is radio-ready, layered with a melodic piano lead, beneath a myriad of abstract wind ups, laser-like synths and electronic voices. DC Smiles sounds like a higher-pitched version of Future, but he spits slightly faster. The most interesting aspect of the track is the hip-hop style cuts that are not usually associated with a trap style song. They add depth to a sure-fire club banger.

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Antonio Valenzuela