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Future uncertain for Speakeasy Tiger as it undergoes another lineup change

After a concerted effort to keep things going after splitting with former frontwoman Kyle Simmons and swiftly naming her replacement, Katrina Stone, who accompanied them on this year's Warped Tour, it appears that the remaining members of Speakeasy Tiger have reached another crossroads, and perhaps an impasse.

According to bassist Lauren Gale, who broke the news to fans on Facebook last week, Stone and keyboardist Pete Schmidt have parted ways with the outfit to pursue other interests. No word yet on what the future holds for the group, but the prospects seem rather daunting. Read the full statement below, and listen to one of the new songs the band was working on prior to Schmidt and Stone's departure.

"Phenomenal" from 2010 demos

Fans, family and friends -

We are really saddened and hurt by this situation. Pete and Katrina have chosen to leave our group to pursue other things. They will not oblige our request to play the shows we currently have scheduled so we have no choice but to cancel them. Tavis, Lucas, our manager Lindsey and I feel incredibly hurt, confused and betrayed. We have been fighting for and with Pete for two years. Just last week he said, "I am extremely excited for the opportunity to market the band! I am very invested in our music; I care about the success of each of us as a group and as individuals..." What happened in a mere week is beyond our comprehension. We are currently completely unsure of what is going to happen to this project. We're still trying to wrap our heads around the current situation. Thank you all so much for your support throughout the years. We will be sure to let you know more as soon as we do. Much love.


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