Good Morning, America. Today's the Fray

It's here. The day of reckoning for Denver's most high profile band. Five years ago, they were four unknown guys dreaming, wondering, hoping -- hoping that their music could break out of a city that most people in this country would've had a hard time finding on a map. Today, all eyes are on the Fray. Will the band's self-titled sophomore album, released today, live up to the expectations set by their multi-platinum debut? Will it leave as big an imprint on people's lives? Hard to say. If it does, it will seem effortless, which as anyone who views Fair Fight we'll see, it wasn't. If it doesn't, well, it certainly won't be for a lack of exposure. In addition to the act's appearance this morning on gabfests like Good Morning America and the promotional ties to Lost, ads for the album are reportedly plastered across cab toppers all over Gotham, as well as framing entry ways in Walmart's across the country. Have you heard the record yet? Thoughts? Feel free to weigh in below.

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