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Goodbye Indie 101.5. Hello

Read Indie3O3's manifesto after the jump. Penned by Ralphie, it's the radio version of the Things We Think and Do Not Say. Dig it.

Hello everyone this is Ralphie,

First off, if you are, sad about Indie leaving the FM dial don't be! We don't view this move as a step backwards, rather we will be bringing many new and exciting features to Indie not possible on the FM dial. Whip, Lynn, and myself will all be bringing their shows to, and we will be building this site from the ground up, based on your feedback.

We're just moving our shows off the radio, and all things considered, it's a much easier way to get the music you want. I'm genuinely excited about what's to come - a localized radio station free of FCC regulation and no longer forced to adjust the playlist to get ratings. This is a dream come true.

The term "Alternative" has lost its meaning when referring to a radio format. To me, Alternative means to play music that's NOT on other stations. Unfortunately the way the ratings system is set up, there's no possible way to win that game without playing those songs. On, we don't need to worry about the ratings game.

I believe the Indie genre spans far more genres than just Indie Rock. The opportunity to expand our playlist to cover music picked by true music fans based locally in Colorado is going to be incredible. PLUS, our ability to be mobile and broadcast from any internet connection is a true step forward vs. being stuck in the same studio every day.

Simply put, Colorado finally has a local station to serve its needs. We may not be in the air via an FM signal anymore, but we are on the air via wi-fi. THIS IS FREEDOM everybody! The FCC doesn't look over content on the internet!!! This means if I want to play the uncensored version of "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, I can! If I want to take requests via twitter, I can do that easily. If I want to post pictures from concerts I can do that!!! Video recorded performances of bands playing live, video interviews and more are all possible.

This website is the future of radio. To me, the only advantage of being on an FM signal is the ability to pick us up in your car, but did you know now you can listen to Indie with a simple FM transmitter on your iphone? We'll be on which means you'll be able to stream us via itunes, winamp, iphone, blackberry, windows media player and more. Plus in car internet radio will be here soon, and this technology is only getting better and less expensive as time passes.

For now, this IS where I want to be, and I can't tell you how excited I am to play you deep tracks from my personal library, to the have the ability to stream club music LIVE, to be doing my show LIVE from ANYWHERE I want to, even from Peak 9 in Breck!!! As long as the internet is there, I can be there-LIVE!

It's for these reasons and more that I'm EXTREMELY happy about the opportunity to focus my show toward an online audience. I love talking about the Rockies, I love having Birdman on the show, and I can now play the songs they want to hear without asking for a radio edit!

As launches, we will be in beta mode for quite a while, because we want YOU to build this site. We welcome your feedback, your artwork, your ideas.

Really all I can say is get ready Colorado - big things are in the works.


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Dave Herrera
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