Goodbye Yerkish. Hello Lexigram!

So the band formerly known as Yerkish will heretofore be known as Lexigram. If you're just joining us, last week, Sprint, the behemoth telecommunications titan, signed on to help Yerkish come up with a new name as part of the company's All. Together. Now. campaign. More than 54,000 suggestions were received.

After presumably sorting through all of the ideas (c'mon, guys, did you really sort through all of the names?), the dudes settled on Lexigram. In true Yerkish fashion, the new name has heaping helping of smart assery attached to it. Lexigram, according to our friends at, is "a figure or symbol that represents a word." Needless to say, we are very pleased to present the very first Denver performance of the newly rechristened Lexigram at this year's Westword Music Showcase.


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