Gorilla vs Bear lists two three Colorado acts among its favorites of 2010 so far

Dang! The year's not even over yet and two three (we stand corrected -- thanks, Lucas) Colorado acts have already been listed on someone's Top 10 list for the year. And not just anyone, but Gorilla vs Bear, Chris Cantalini's highly influential Dallas-based blog.

So which two three, you ask? Why Gauntlet Hair (which also received a nod on Pitchfork by founder Ryan Schreiber, no less, back in April, bringing the Colorado tally to a half-dozen now, including Woven Hand), Tennis, whose buzz is reaching deafening levels as predicted, and Candy Claws (hopefully that makes the members feel a little better after that horrific fire).

All three groups have songs listed in GvsB's 25 favorite songs (Gauntlet Hair checks in at number three, Tennis at eleven and Candy Claws at 22). Download links after the jump.

MP3: "I Was Thinking" - Gauntlet Hair MP3: "Marathon" - Tennis MP3: "Silent Time of Earth" - Candy Claws

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