Unlike the Radiators, Halifax didn't need a natural disaster to capture MTV's attention. The Southern California quintet had issued just one disc, the 2004 EP A Writer's Reference, when the network offered the group a plum role on The Real World: Austin. As one of their "jobs," cast members such as quicksilver Wes and willowy Melinda were tasked with creating documentary films about two bands at the sprawling South by Southwest music conference. Given the photogenic qualities of lead singer Mike Hunau and his buddies, Halifax fit the bill perfectly, and along with a combo called Hellogoodbye, they received an enormous amount of screen time. (If MTV repeated Real World episodes any more frequently, they'd overlap.) The next challenge is to capitalize on this coup, and the Halifaxers plan to do so via a tour -- which will feature I Am the Avalanche, Punchline and the Fully Down during the Denver stop -- and a forthcoming full-length whose title, The Inevitability of a Strange World, comes awfully close to referencing a certain television program. That's one way of keeping it Real.

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