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Hand That Bleeds benefit for Steve Patt from Horse this Sunday at Herman's Hideaway

This Sunday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. at Herman's Hideaway, more than a dozen local acts will take the stage to perform at the Hand That Bleeds benefit for Horse drummer Steve Patt, who was recently involved in a power saw accident that has rendered him unable to work for at least the next six and up to ten weeks. According to Patt's bandmate, Doug Tackett, Patt was making a difficult final cut on a kitchen floor he had been working on when the incident occured. The saw reportedly cut his middle finger down to the first knuckle and severed the corner of another finger. Like most musicians (as underscored by the other benefit-related item we'll be posting shortly), Patt, unfortunately, doesn't have insurance and as previously mentioned, is currently unable to work. Subsequently, all procedes from the event -- in which Patt is reportedly slated to play at least a partial, one-armed set with Horse, BTW -- will go towards giving him a helping, uh, hand. See the full line-up thus far after the jump. Godspeed, Steve.

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