Has United broken any of your gear?

Flying the friendly skies with United has given Dave Carroll's burgeoning career an undeniable boost. By now, you've probably familiar with the Caroll or at least his story. Last year after United damaged one of his guitars, he documented his travails in a song called, fittingly, "United Breaks Guitars." Before he posted the video on YouTube, which unsurprisingly went viral almost immediately, most people probably couldn't tell Dave Caroll from Dave Barry. And even now, most still couldn't pick the guy out of a lineup. So while the song was a nice enough ditty, it wasn't the melody line or the delivery that struck a chord. The reason, we presume, that the video got so many hits and generated so much exposure for Caroll was because so many folks could relate to his misfortune. While we've never had any of our gear damaged by the airline -- namely because we fly Southwest whenever possible hoping to board a plane with the rapping flight attendant -- we've heard of plenty of other people who have. One guy we know who had a priceless-to-him sitar damaged springs to mind. So what's your story? Have you had any gear damaged or lost? Feel free to share your misfortune after the jump. And in the meantime, check out the video for Caroll's latest ode "United Breaks Guitar Song 2," inspired by another recent trip in which the carrier inexplicably misplaced his luggage.

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