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Have you seen this black resonator guitar?

Andy Thomas is bummed. Can't say that we blame him. See that beautiful black resonator he's playing here? She's a beauty, yeah? Well, "was" a beauty is more accurate. Seems some unscrupulous jerk apparently swiped it this past weekend after his set with Tin Horn Prayer at the Irish Rover for the UMS.

While shit like this seems to happen entirely all too frequently (see the blog a few weeks ago about Hideous Men having their gear jacked from their car, or Boonie Mayfield's studio being burglarized), it stings even more when it happens to one of our own.

Thomas, you see, isn't just a member of Only Thunder and Tin Horn Prayer, he's also a cherished member of our Backbeat family. That in mind, a favor: If you happen to come across Andy's axe or see someone with it, drop us a line and let us know, will ya?

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Dave Herrera
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