Havok prepares to release second album on Candlelight

We've just received word that Havok, Denver's thrash-metal flag-bearers, are set to continue wreaking, well, havoc in 2011. The act has reportedly finished work on its follow-up to 2009's Burn. Recorded by James Murphy (Death, Testament), Time Is Up, the new album, the outfit's second for Candlelight Records, is slated for release on Tuesday, March 29.

The band's distinctive sound is clearly a throwback to the heyday of thrash, and it's done in a way that's reverential rather than ironic. And that reverence extends to the cover art below, illustrated by Halsey Swain, which kind of reminds us of Rust in Peace.

Havok Time Is Up Candlelight

01. Prepare for Attack 02. Fatal Intervention 03. No Amnesty 04. D.O.A. 05. Covering Fire 06. Killing Tendencies 07. Scumbag In Disguise 08. The Cleric 09. Out Of My Way 10. Time Is Up

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