Hearsay bits: Sean Foreman and Nat Motte put the 'OH!' in 3OH!3 at mtvU's Woodie Awards and more

Some quick news bites from the local scene...

Oh my!: Recognize these striking dames? Yeah, us neither. That boa helmet and weird, red, veil, feathery thing kind of obscures any chance we have any sort of face recognition. This pic was snapped a few nights ago at mtvU's Woodie Awards, which will evidently be broadcast on Friday, December 4. Luckily, the fine folks over at network went ahead and solved the mystery for us. Evidently dudes looking like ladies here are none other than the insatiable hooligans from the People's Republic, Sean Foreman and Nat Motte from 3OH!3, all dolled up to resemble Lady Gaga. Bet the ladies went gaga over that one (see the clip after the jump). Yerp. Uh, sorry. Think we just threw up a little in our mouth.

Bouncing back: After maintaining a relatively low profile for the past few years, the Trampolines airborne once again. On the strength of its solid new record, Between the Lines, released this past July, the act has managed to recaptured the attention of fans, performing again warming up stages for kindred acts such as the BoDeans and Pat McGee, while also gaining notice from industry types. Bunnim-Murray, the production company that produces many of MTV's flagship reality shows and had previously licensed the act's music, has once again inked an deal with the Tramps to use their songs in shows MTV mainstays the Real World and Road Rules, as well as other mind-numbing fodder such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe & Kourtney Go to Miami and M-Theory, among others. Catch the Trampolines this evening when the group opens for John Waite at the Soiled Dove Underground.

Place your Bedz: Remember way back when the Denver Nuggets were in the playoffs earlier this year? (We know, seems like ages ago, doesn't it?) DJ Bedz, the team's official DJ, apparently made a wager with the Dallas Maverick's official DJ Ro Parrish. If the Nugs lost, Bedz promised to do a bunch of humiliating stuff that involved going to Dallas on his own dime and then becoming a Mavs apologist. Well, as you might remember, the Nuggets kicked the crap out of Cuban's boys, which means Parrish was on the hook to come out here and be our bitch. That said, tomorrow night, he's making good. After getting heckled at the Nuggets/Bulls game, he'll be joining Bedz over at Sutra to throw down on the ones and twos.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.