Hearsay bits: Todd Roeth photo exhibit, Kingdom of Magic, Houses, the Fray and more

Tomorrow night at 6 p.m., the Sputnik will be hosting Face the Music, a photo exhibit featuring the portraits of Todd Roeth, who's emerged in the past year as one of the most talented photographers in the city. His bright, colorful style is as vibrant as it is distinctive. "I like to take pictures of faces of people who do things and make things that I admire," says Roeth. We got a sneak peek of the eye-grabbing portraits last night at the Sputnik and suffice it say, there's plenty to admire about Roeth, who makes the Mile High City music scene look positively glamorous.

Also on docket this weekend, tonight, Forth Yeer Freshman is filming a video tonight at Herman's Hideaway. Evidently, if you say to the doorman -- and we quote, "I'm here for the gang bang," you will receive half-off admission. Tomorrow night, the band of self-proclaimed horror punks called Ashley Said Yes!! is buying the first thirty people who come down to Old Curtis Street to see them with Minor Authority, the Ska Skank Redemption (great freaking name, BTW) and the Ugly Bumpers a beer. Mmmm ... beer. PBR me asap!

Timekeeper Devon Rogers has amicably parted ways with Kingdom of Magic, and Maria Kohler has likewise split with Houses, which is in the midst of recording the follow-up to its Spring EP, fittingly titled Summer. Finally, this just in: We've just learned that the Fray's Joe King is the Rifleman. Turns out King is all about big game hunting, according to an interview he did with Outdoor Life Magazine. Who knew? We certainly had no idea dude was all about whacking Bambi.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.