Hearts of Palm to reunite for a pair of proper farewell shows

Before unceremoniously calling it quits with after a Halloween show last year, Hearts of Palm was arguably one of the brightest acts to emerge from the Denver music scene in the past decade. An outfit with boundless potential, the group, which got its start as Nathan & Stephen, was known as much for its relentlessly hummable melodies as for the unbridled exuberance of its live shows. Sadly, the band folded inexplicably without the benefit of a proper farewell show, which left many fans filling jilted. Over the weekend, we received word that the outfit will finally remedy things with a pair of farewell shows slated for Friday, November 6, and Saturday, November 7, at the hi-dive. Prepare to fall on the beat of your dancing feet. Think there's any chance they can be convinced to stick around and make these last dates the first of a new era? Wishful thinking?

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