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Here's your chance to be in the Northern Way's new video

The Northern Way (formerly Set Forth) is getting ready to start shooting its video for the song "Crazy" on Friday, August 7 and is looking for a female lead to star in the clip, as well as a bunch of extras to stand around and act like they're doing stuff and whatnot. Would be Alicia Silverstones between the ages of 18 and 26 and those who are particularly adept at blending into background are encouraged to reach out to the band via e-mail. Oh and by the way, you'll also need to be available all day and night, all weekend. Who knows? If the Northern Way generates the type of reaction it has locally, look out, man. This could be your big shot at the bigtime. It could rocket you to superstardom -- or in the very least maybe they'll have good catering or something.

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Dave Herrera
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