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Hideous Men lose gear in car break-in over the weekend

Update 07/14/10: A paypal account has been setup to help Hideous Men absorb some of their loss. In case you're inclined to give a donation.

You may have already seen this in the comments section of the Candy Claws blog item, if not, go ahead and file this one under freaking lame: Ryan Mcryhew and Kristi Schaefer, the good people of Hideous Men, had their car burglarized over the weekend, an hour before their set at Titwrench, reportedly. The unscrupulous scumbagsthieves reportedly made off with a bunch of gear, including a Macbook, vocoder, several microphones and more. While it clearly sucks having your stuff unexpectedly gaffled, it's much worse lose all your hard work in the process, ideas that you've been cultivating over time, as was the case here. See a full list of stolen items to keep an eye out for after the jump.

- Brown Dakine Helipro backpack with green/creme plaid. - White 13" Macbook w/Ableton and Adobe software, and battery pack. - Electro Harmonix V256 Vocoder - Audix OM2 - Microphone - Digital Reference DR-VX1 - Microphone - BOSS Dr. Pad DRP-1 & DRP-2

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