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Hip-Hop Congress keeps The Spirit of Hip-Hop alive this weekend at La Raza park

What's that you say? You can't get enough of hip-hop in the park after the Mighty 4 Denver b-boy jam this past weekend? Say no more. We hear ya like you're screaming. Hip-Hop Congress is helping keep the Spirit of Hip-Hop alive in the Mile High City this weekend with a jam of their own called, well, conveniently, The Spirit of Hip-Hop Park Jam.

This Sunday, July 18 at La Raza park (aka Columbus Park, 38th & Navajo, just west of Chubby's, see Google map after the jump) from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Dent and Jonny 5 of Flobots are hosting some of Denver's finest DJs (Lowkey, Lazy Eyez, Kool Aid, Bmoney, Iz, Cysko Rokwel, M.F. Kaaos and Vajra), alongside some seriously ill MCs (3 the Hardway, Babah Wird, Boombox Saints and Soulaju).

There's also going to be free grub cooked up by ManeRok, Es-Nine, St. Nick and Kid Hum, as well as freestyle cyphers, live painting from Path One and an open challenge to any b-boys/b-girls who have the salt to take on Whuerok in a toprock battle. Be there, or be talked about.

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Dave Herrera
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