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Sin Desires Marie really doesn't belong here. The band's compelling mutation of aggression, melody and intelligence has a hard time finding a niche in Denver's testicle-heavy punk and emo scenes. Even after being personally invited by Fugazi to open one of its sold-out shows at the Ogden last year, Yoon Park, Claudine Rousseau and Germaine Baca have been flying under radar, touring the East Coast and releasing a self-titled CD to the enthusiasm of a modest but dedicated following. Although sometimes stuck with the too-convenient "riot grrrl" tag, Sin Desires Marie owes more to Unwound, Mission of Burma and even pre-disco New Order than it does to Sleater-Kinney or Bikini Kill. The music is taut, precise, even elegant in its construction of rhythm and noise -- a thickly-knotted strand of post-punk that is dark, earnest and danceable, all at the same time. Before leaving town for an appearance at Washington, D.C.'s eminent LadyFest, Sin Desire Marie will play Friday, August 2, at Monkey Mania in support of a new seven-inch release. Come and see what Denver's been missing.

Jason Heller

Hit pick

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