Update (01/12/09): Links to Friday night's show at the Meadowlark added.

Holy treasure trove of live local boots

While we're going to be unveiling our own section of live local recordings on the blog shortly, in the meantime, we stumbled onto a great blog called the Flat Response. Some of you are already no doubt well aware of its existence, because, well, you're may be one of the acts featured on the site. For the rest of us, though, discovering this site is akin to finding a crisp Jefferson in the pocket of a jacket you haven't worn in a while. After the jump, we posted direct links to some of the shows that are archived. Happy Friday, everybody. You're welcome. -- Dave Herrera

Achille Lauro - 4.24.2008 @ Larimer Lounge
John Common & Friends - 6.14.2008 @ Westword Music Showcase
Angie Stevens and the Beautiful Wreck - 7.09.2008 @ Aggie Theatre
Fissure Mystic - 9.05.2008 @ Lion's Lair
Andrea Ball - 10.04.2008 @ Meadowlark
The Pseudo Dates - 9.05.2008 @ Lion's Lair
Action Packed Thrill Ride - 9.10.2008 @ Hi-Dive
The Pseudo Dates - 10.18.2008 @ Bluebird
Dressy Bessy - 10.18.2008 @ Bluebird Theater
The Pseudo Dates - 10.25.2008 @ Hi-Dive
Ian Cooke - 11.08.2008 @ Hi-Dive
Achille Lauro - 01.09.2009 @ Meadowlark

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