HOSS and Supersuckers release split vinyl Christmas record

Apparently, it's never too early to be thinking about Christmas. At least, not if you're in boozy, hard-rocking outfits such as HOSS or Supersuckers. Those two bands just dropped a limited-edition, split 10" vinyl on July 30 to celebrate Christmas in July. The record features two songs each from the bands, "Call It Christmas Time" and "A Good Night For My Drinkin'" by the Supersuckers, and "Merry Christmas Dad" and "Santa Loves Black Sabbath" (hell yeah, he does!) from Fort Collins-based HOSS.

The two bands share a label (Zodiac Killer) and similar aesthetics, so the split release isn't too shocking. But why a Christmas record? "The Supersuckers already had a couple of Christmas songs in the can, and when we heard that, we knew we had to write a couple of Christmas songs of our own to match," explains Tommy Ray of HOSS. "Also, it's a 10-inch record, which makes it extra special. I have a 10 inch that Cheap Trick put out years ago, and I always thought it was the coolest just for how unique it is. This one is extra unique in that it is green-red-and-white-snowflake-colored vinyl! No two records are exactly alike. To be honest though, the 10-inch record wasn't the original plan, it just turned out that one of the songs I wrote was amazingly long, and wouldn't fit on a 7-inch!"

HOSS recorded its songs in Denver at King Bee in just one day. "I was amazed at the quality that came out of just a single day's recording and mixing," Ray says. "Hell, I was amazed we pulled it off! We were a little hungover from a show the night before, but [Zodiac Killer label head] Ron Zodiac made sure we got all the Famous Dave's we could handle. Best hangover cure I ever had!"

You can hear the results for yourself by picking up one of the discs direct from the label's website at www.zodiackillerrecords.com or from your local record emporium. Either way should set you back about $12. Have a look at the colorful, festive disc below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.