How to cope with SXSW withdrawal

All right, I'll admit it. I'm all kinds of bummed out. Not only am I feeling like two crates of ass specially flown in from Assville right now thanks to some stupid throat/sinus/ear infection, but I'm reeling from reading all the South By Southwest coverage from my colleagues (including a fairly middling review of the Wheel), reading about all of their exploits down in Austin and seeing all the pictures of all the cool bands they've seen. I'm think I'm just going through withdrawals or something, seeing as how this is the first time I haven't been to SXSW in over a decade. It's okay, though, I have a plan. Sorta. I'm going to simulate a hangover by staying up all night and then going straight to work, so that I have that weird buzzing in my head. And then, as soon as I get into the office around 10 or 11, I'm going to start pounding beers and find some BBQ to shove down my gullet and ... well, yeah, no, really, that's about all I've got right now. *Sigh* Well, at least we can live vicarously through the Epilogues and Overcasters and whoever else decides to send us a tour diary. And then tonight we can all pretend we're on Sixth Street as we shuttle between the hi-dive, 3 Kings and the Skylark.

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