Ideal Fathers branch out into chiptunes

I like Denver-based, danceable post-punk outfit the Ideal Fathers a lot. I like the bleepy, chirping 8-bit soundscapes of chiptunes a lot. So you can imagine my excitement today when I stumbled upon a completely kickass chiptunes remix/reimagining of one of my very favorite Ideal Fathers tracks whilst wasting time (er ... I mean, "looking for stuff to blog") on MySpace. The track is -- or was, anyway -- "Failing at Friendly is Not an Option," a fine track that closes out the band's debut EP and that you can download here. Through the magic of computers and knobs it has been transmuted into the bleeping awesomeness of "Failing at Nintendo is Not an Option" and it is my favorite thing of the day.

If you're already a fan of the band, it could be a gateway drug into the wonders of chiptunes. Vice versa for chiptunes fans. And if you want to own this track for yourself, as I so desperately do, you may be in luck. The band says they are considering including it on their upcoming remix EP, made up mostly of awesome DJ Soup remixes. For now, you'll have to visit the band's MySpace page to hear it.

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