Immortal Dominion seeking new timekeeper

Just received word that Immortal Dominion, the subject of a recent extended Q&A, has begun the search for a new drummer. Evidently, at the behest of Sterling Winfield, the producer of Primortal, the band's latest platter, the outfit enlisted a studio drummer named Matt Thompson for the sessions. From the sounds of it, this move didn't sit too well with Ben Huntwork, Immortal's timekeeper for the past fifteen years, as he's since opted to part ways with the group. Which means the group is now looking for a well rounded skinsman to fill his slot. Got the chops? Drop guitarist/vocalist Brian Villers a line.

This is Brian from Immortal Dominion. We are for the first time in 15 years looking for a drummer.

We just finnished recording our new album with producer Sterling Winfield who also produced Pantera, Hellyeah, King Diamond, Damage Plan, Seventh Void and a bunch of other bands-


While in the studio he told us if we want a pro album we need to use a studio drummer he knows named Matt Thompson. www.mattthompsondrums.com We did and he laid some stuff down that is amazing.

Any way long story short our current drummer decided we needed to go separate ways.

We really need a well rounded drummer as our new album has probably 5 songs that could get radio play on stations like KBPI (metal/hard rock station out here in Denver) and then other stuff that is really heavy. We have financial backing and will be doing a nationwide marketing campaign with magazines and radio. And will be planning to do some non-ghetto touring.

If you are interested or know of anyone who would be interested, or know of the best way to find quality drummers, please have them contact me here or by phone or email so I can get them a copy of our new album-contact info below- (there are also two songs on our myspace profile from the new album)

Thanks for the time,

Immortal Dominion

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