Important (and not important) information about the Westword Music Showcase

Wait, when is this Westword Music Showcase thing?

This Saturday, June 21.

How much daylight will there be?

The most daylight. Happy solstice, everyone!

When should I show up?

Gates open at 11:30 and bands start at noon. There's a schedule of the sixteen stages featuring Denver bands below (subject to a few minor last-minute changes), which you can click to enlarge.

Wow! That's a lot of bands. Are there more bands?

Yes! There are several more bands on the outdoor main stage. Here's the schedule for that:

12:00 to 12:30: Modern Suspects 12:45 to 1:15: Pink Hawks 1:35 to 2:30: Reno Divorce 2:40 to 3:40: King Khan and the Shrines 4:00 to 5:00: Man Man 5:20 to 6:20: Cherub 6:50 to 8:05: 2 Chainz 8:35 to 9:50: Diplo

Are the bands at noon good?

Yes. It's a daytime festival. Come early so you have the maximum amount of time to get and/or be day-drunk.

What can I bring?

You can bring sunscreen, your space blanket and your (empty) water containers. You cannot bring your flag, whether it is attached to a stick or not. You also cannot bring your stick.

How many wheels can my shoes have?

Absolutely none.

How can I convince that cute music-dork dude or dudette with the fictional-animal tattoo that we have tons in common?

Talk about how much you love King Khan's first band, the Spaceshits, or say something offhand about how many bruises you got while dancing at the last Thee Dang Dangs show.

Who is the biggest fictional-animal fan among the bands playing this year's Westword Music Showcase?

Dragondeer, which gets its name from the East Asian creature Kirin.

Who is the biggest flightless-bird fan among the bands playing this year's Westword Music Showcase?

Ian Cooke, who wrote a song about a cassowary that comes with an accompanying book and painstakingly detailed music video.

Who is the biggest dinosaur fan playing this year's Westword Music Showcase?

Diplo(docus), obviously.

Wait, so there's the Westword Music Showcase and the Westword Music Awards next week. What?

Right! We put together a nominating committee to pick several hundred Denver bands and artists as finalists for the Westword Music Awards. Every local band playing the Showcase is a nominee for an award. You can vote for your favorites in forty categories at westword.com, and on Thursday, June 26, we'll hand out a bunch of trophies at an awards ceremony at Casselman's.

And here's a bunch more information about the Westword Music Showcase: -Eight reasons it's great to be a musician in Colorado, according to the bands -Build your own schedule with the Showcase app. -The 36 best songs you might hear on the main stage at this year's Westword Music Showcase -The 2014 Westword Music Awards nominees -The people of Westword Music Showcase 2013 -Ticket page for this year's Showcase

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