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Introducing: Blackhearts

Just a bit ago, Blackhearts, the thus far super secret collaboration between Yonnas Abraham of the Pirate Signal, F.O.E. and Karma, made its online debut with a track called "Bloodlines of That Gangsta Shhh." According to Abraham, the still burgeoning outfit will expand to include collaborations with other artists such as Catch Lungs, Whygee, Naeem Oba, Haven, 800, Sunkenstate, ManeRok, DJ Cavem, Swaun Blaze, Isis, Acezi, Bianca Mckahn, Deca and Adam Halferty of Young Coyotes and Brandon from the Chain Gang of 1974. The debut track, recorded at W.A.R. studios in Boulder, is as incendiary as you expect from this trio of MCs, who are each forceful and compelling in their own right. A full-length is expected at some point, though right now Abraham's primary focus is on his own album, No Weak Heart Shall Prosper, which he's set to being recording next week. In the meantime, Blackhearts members, which have already been making cameos in each other's sets, will continue to sit in as the opportunity presents itself.

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Dave Herrera
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