Introducing I Am the Dot, Zach Tipton's solo project

Update 11/03/09: Just received word that I Am the Dot's self-titled debut EP will be available tomorrow, Wednesday, November 4, from Brother Bear Records at the online music retailer of your choice. The EP, mixed and mastered by Matt Wilcox in his home studio, contains four tracks, "Love Song for Camus," "Middle of April," "Detroit, MI" and "Oranges."

What to do when your drummer hits the road for the entire summer as a touring member of one of the country's hottest bands at the moment? Easy. If you're Zach Tipton from Young Coyotes, you busy yourself doing what you do best -- writing songs. And then tap Matt Wilcox to co-produce, mix and master your debut EP. The result: I Am the Dot, Tipton's excellent solo endeavor. So what's it sound like? Quite a bit like minimalist indie pop of Young Coyotes (natch) but with slightly more texture thanks to programmed beats and burly bass lines, particularly on tunes such as "Middle of April." Don't take our word for it, though. By all means, give it a listen for yourself. You'll be glad you did. [original post: 07.29.09]

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