Introducing the Denver Boot

All right, so we've been promising/threatening to launch this feature for quite some time now. Well, here it finally is. And bygod what better way to set things off than with the complete live recordings of Dualistics' Nirvana tribute show this past weekend? With the blessing of our good friend Lance Stack at the FlatResponse.com, who captured this inaugural set at the hi-dive, and our buddy SxPxDxCx, who himself has also amassed a seemingly endless repository of live local recordings, beginning today we'll be presenting you with free downloads every week of the best live recordings, past and present. Feel free to either download or stream the songs after the jump. Recording notes: The openers' tracks ended up sounding much better than the actual Dualistics set (due to the volume, I think), but overall the entire night turned out well. As the evening wears on, people keep drinking, getting rowdier and singing obnoxiously (as you will hear on tape), but for this show it was quite appropriate!


(Jen Korte and Jim Ruberto) 1. Where Did You Sleep Last Night 2. You Know You're Right

(Mike Marchant and Maria Kohler) 3. NegativeCreep 4. BigCheese

(Dan Craig) 5. Been a Son 6. Smells Like Teen Spirit

(John Common and Jess De Nicola) 7. Come as You Are 8. In Bloom

(Achille Lauro) 9. Drain You

(Hello Kavita) 10. Lithium 11. Polly

(The Wheel) 12. Sliver 13. Something in the Way

(Dualistics) 14. Serve the Servants 15. Scentless Apprentice 16. Heart Shaped Box 17. Rape Me 18. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle 19. Dumb 20. Very Ape 21. Milk It 22. Pennyroyal Tea 23. Radio-Friendly Unit-Shifter 24. Tourette's 25. All Apologies

STREAM (if Foxy Tunes Yahoo Media Player isn't installed):

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