Introducing the Show and Tell project

The vast and seemingly boundless creativity of the artists in this town never ceases to impress nor inspire us, from the Stand By Your Band series to Mike Marchant's new songwriter workshops over at the Meadowlark. Recently, we came across another thing that folks are doing that we thought was pretty neat, the Denver Show and Tell Project. With a new set of guidelines posted every month, Show and Tell is basically a project in which various artists -- the project is open to anyone interested in participating -- take a month to write a song within specific guidelines, could be a theme, a song to cover or a style in which to work from. For instance, the most recent November challenge involves getting your parents to perform on the song. Once the songs are finished they are then posted for consumption. The whole process is intended to be fun and spark creativity. A ton of acts have already participated including nervesandgel, BDRMPPL, Littles Paia, Married in Berdichev, I Am the Dot and Weed Diamond, among others. Better get your going. The deadline to participate in this month's assignment is Sunday, November 29.

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