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Introducing Twitterpated: the most captivating tweets from our favorite follows

Unless you're a willful and adamant luddite or a conscientious dissenter pop culture trends, you've undoubtedly noticed how Twitter has steadily and unceremoniously unseated all the other social networking sites to become the primary means of communication and information dissemination in the Obama era. (Yes, we know some of you are thinking, "I'll take obvious shit for $300, Alex.") When the balloon boy story broke, for instance, we first caught wind of it on Twitter long before we ever thought of switching on a telly or turning on a radio. What's more, the Twittervese has also become one of the most entertaining and insightful places to catch a glimpse inside the lives of some of the most outspoken members of our community, 140 characters at a time, of course. We never ceased to be entertained by the tweets of various members of our scene and suspect that you will be equally as, um, twitterpated. With that in mind, welcome to Twitterpated, our latest weekly feature in which we collect the most captivating tweets from some of our favorite follows.

Nat Motte (3OH!3): "you know that tuff guy ultimate fighter clothing brand "TAP OUT"?? Im gonna start a company called PUSSY OUT * ® © TM (all rights reserved)"

KingFOE: "Its Black Friday my prices triple today for verses...only people with old money hit me...reg ppl I'll get wit u tomorrow"

DJ Petey: "driving to denver on black friday for meetings was a bad choice... traffic sucks and i get the impression im the only one working today...."

Dan Rutherford (Morning After Records): "Trampling old women for this year's furby is not my idea of a good Thanksgiving"

Dangerous Dan: "Eating and looking out the window at people camped outside of Ultimate Electronics. Decided I'm going clothes shopping for myself today."

"Oh gee. Ear plug case is empty. Maybe I'll just get faded so I don't notice how loud it is lol. Good times."

Fresh Breath Committee: "Networking" does not = "Dick Riding". Please stop getting it confused... #DumbRappers"

ManeRok: "Dear Rappers, please learn what bars, metaphors, wordplay, simile,measures, dynamics, ad-libs etc...mean. Thanks."

"Turkey will put you out...goddam cowboys-well at least they are beating the raiders...but who doesn't?"

Justin Green (DJ Low Key): "I like him...He does those Slim Shady songs" (c) My mom on Eminem...LMAO."

Kamtin Mohager (Chain Gang of 1974): "I just discovered that I land in the 22% of the worlds population that have the autosomal genes required to smell "asparagus urine." EPIC!"

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