Invading the airwaves: Danielle Ate the Sandwich and the Rouge

Just came across a pair of radio interviews and performances featuring Danielle Ate the Sandwich and the Rouge. The former, due at Monolith next weekend, appeared last night on Guy Errickson's KGNU show, Highway 322, in a Naked Stage segment (easy, tiger, we're pretty sure she was fully clothed), while the latter appeared on FearlessRadio.com, whose Chicago studio the band stopped by while on tour. Danielle's interview and performance is available for free download on KGNU's site -- though we've taken the liberty of zeroing in on just her performance, which we'll be posting shortly, as the full download features Guy's show in its entirety, as well as a portion of the show precedes it, It's the Economy. If you're not already sold on Danielle, this broadcast isn't likely to change your mind. (Although it might; she's in pretty fine form, for what it's worth.) The Rouge podcast, meanwhile, is available for stream or download on the Fearless site.

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