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Invisible Orange

Although Invisible Orange's previous release was called Valium, the long-player hardly qualified as a depressant — and that's true of the band's latest, too. "Run," the opening cut, is a thundering stampede of rawk obnoxiousness, with Adrian Moore hammering out bottomless guitar tones like a hyperkinetic blacksmith and Donovan Breazeale's vocals echoing as if he's yowling for help from the deepest recesses of Carlsbad Caverns. Moreover, even slow-moving tracks tend to pick up the pace eventually. Take "Most Unclean," which goes from brontosaurus stomp to caveman boogie over the course of five minutes. Iron Mountain listeners won't be overwhelmed by the shock of the new, and "Season of Stone" seems more moody intro than actual song. In the end, though, the album is anything but a downer.

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