Is iPad an iFailure, or are we just iSpoiled little crybabies?

Haven't had a chance to watch the Apple keynote yet and kind of wondering if we need to at this point. From the sounds of it, the ingenuously named iPad (killed a lot of brain cells there, eh, Apple?) sounds like a enlarged, glorified iTouch.

We gleened this notion, of course, from the Twitterverse, which, like everything else that touches our life, has already reliably absorbed and succinctly distilled its immediate reaction to the iPad into easily digestible bits of scathing criticism for our discriminating eyes.

A list of its perceived shortcomings thus far: "No multitask, native pdf support, revolutionary reading," reads one tweet at #iFail. "No phone. No camera. No webcam. No Flash. No USB. Apple created the 2010 version of the LaserDisc," reads another that's already been retweeted with abandon. "who are #Apple trying to kid? this is just an oversized iPod touch. Oh, and still with no multitasking, how 'magical' !!"

Wow. Tough crowd. To be honest, we're a little reticent to read the tweets at #iTampon.

While we certainly understand the complaints, which all seem perfectly valid, doesn't it seem like we're all just a tad bit entitled and, dare we say, spoiled? Perhaps we're just simpletons here, but it seems like everyone has forgotten that we're not all that removed from a time when we didn't have cellphones, laptops or broadband. It was pay phones, desktops and dial-up. Remember?

And now we're all bummed out about the fact that technology, that once seemed like a pipe dream and yet can now be purchased for a fraction of what our parents probably paid for their first desktop, doesn't live up to our lofty expectations. Never mind the fact that our great grandparents would absolutely shit themselves if they could see how we're living now.

Ah, what are we saying? You're right. It probably sucks. We're not buying one, either. Oh and don't even get us started about the fact that our cars can't fly yet.

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