Is U2 providing the soundtrack to the End of the World? Survey says... yes!

In a little more than a month, U2 is playing at Invesco Field. May 21, to be exact. Yeah, we're pretty psyched, too. Even more so now: Did you happen to notice anything significant about that date? Know what else is going down then? Um, just a little thing called Judgment Day. For realz! We've seen the billboards around town guaranteeing it.

It's the end of the world as we know it ...

Wait, wrong band. Sorry. Where were we? Oh yeah... U2... The Rapture. Can you think a better band to provide the soundtrack to the end of the world? Neither can we. God knows if we were The Almighty, U2 would be our first choice to play on the deck of this supernatural Titanic. Talk about a colossal no brainer.

From all the Christ poses, Bono clearly thinks he's the Messiah, and the band has already appeared on the Until the End of the World soundtrack. Coincidence? Uh, we think not. Any guesses as to what the set list is going to look like that night? "Seconds" ("Takes a second to say goodbye, say goodbye, oh, oh, oh...")? Or perhaps, for the benefit of those who aren't quite ready to meet their maker yet, a little "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"?

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