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It's official: The Chain Gang of 1974 inks deal with Modern Art Records / Warner Bros

For the more astute among you, this news comes as no surprise. Just over a month ago, we posted a video of Kamtin Mohager signing some sort of contract. While the Chain Gang of 1974 mastermind wasn't at liberty to confirm or discuss any specific details at the time, we relied on our keen observational skills and connected the dots on our own.

We've since received official confirmation: When White Guts, Chain Gang's previously self-released full-length, is reissued this coming spring, it will bear the Modern Art and Warner Bros. logos on the back. It will also feature six brand-new tracks, one of which the band will perform when it plays on New Year's Eve at the Boulder Theater, with Crystal Castles.

White Guts, Original Cover Art

Click through for new re-issue cover art and tracklist.

New Cover Art

White Guts Modern Art / Warner Bros.

01. Stop 02. Devil Is a Lady 03. Hold On 04. Heartbreakin' Scream* 05. Taste of Heaven* 06. Matter of Time 07. Undercover* 08. Teenagers* 09. Ethical Drugs* 10. Tell Me* 11. Don't Walk Away

* new track

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