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James Murphy and Marcus Lambkin

New York City beat bastards James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy just love wiping their french-fry greasy DFA fingers all over other people's records. Their latest remix collection -- with geeked-out takes on Tiga, N.E.R.D., Nine Inch Nails and many more -- is a surprisingly chilled-out, completely addictive treat that should cement their reputation as the gutter-punk Neptunes. While Goldsworthy is a British producer with a long list of electro credits, Murphy is a red, white and blue indie-rock kid with a penchant for vintage analog, big dumb beats and a-gogo bell solos, flaunted proudly in both his production work and his own project, LCD Soundsystem. Now that the signature DFA sound has gone from underground to stratosphere, it's only natural for Murphy to do a DJ tour, dragging along honorary DFA cardholders Juan Maclean, Tim Sweeney and Marcus Lambkin (aka Shit Robot) in Goldsworthy's stead. Catch Lambkin and Murphy this Thursday, September 28, at the Church as the two step behind the decks armed with their relentlessly stupid, brash and absolutely butt-pumping beats. Subtlety is for suckers.
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